Farm Credit is a mission-driven system of cooperative lending institutions and supporting people of color is an integral part of fulfilling that mission. Learn more about Farm Credit, our support of producers from varied backgrounds, and our commitment to fostering a more equitable and inclusive agricultural industry.

We believe in the future of American agriculture and people of color are a critical part of that future.

Farm Credit employs a variety of financial experts ranging from loan officers, appraisers, analysts and capital markets credit officers to crop insurance agents and tax experts. We also rely on talented communicators, marketing experts, IT specialists, human resources professionals and more to fulfill our mission to serve rural communities and agriculture. We are committed to building an inclusive workforce and seek talented individuals of diverse backgrounds and identities to join our team across all these positions. 

Career & Internship Fair

Starting in 2020, Farm Credit hosted four virtual career fairs eachautumn for students and recent graduates of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and university students at non-HBCUs who are active members of Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS). HBCUs and MANRRS are home to a vast talent pool, and Farm Credit hopes to attract HBCU and MANRRS students to explore employment and internship opportunities at our institutions. 

Launching Leaders Stipend

Farm Credit hopes to attract HBCU and MANRRS students to explore employment and internship opportunities at our institutions. Farm Credit established the Farm Credit Launching Leaders Stipend, a $3,500 stipend awarded to all Farm Credit interns who attend or recently graduated from an HBCU. Starting in 2022, Farm Credit expanded this stipend to include all active members of Minorities in Agriculture and Related Sciences (MANRRS), regardless of college or university.

These funds may be used to offset living costs, such as housing, transportation and groceries, associated with the internship, and they will be awarded in addition to the wages an intern receives for their work. It is our hope that this award both attracts students to choose Farm Credit internships and helps remove cost as a barrier to interested students.

What can I expect from a Farm Credit internship? 
The specific responsibilities and opportunities for each intern will depend upon the particular Farm Credit institution for which the student is interning. However, interns may expect to work with Farm Credit staff in the following departments: 

  • Communications and marketing
  • Lending and customer relations
  • Information technology
  • Appraisal Credit analysis
  • Accounting and legal
  • Human resources
  • And many more!

Interested in applying for a Farm Credit internship? 

Visit our careers page to find internships, or use our Find a Lender tool to identify a Farm Credit institution near you to contact them about specific internship opportunities. 

Farm Credit Careers

HBCU Partnership Challenge

The Launching Leaders Stipend is part of Farm Credit’s commitment to the HBCU Partnership Challenge, a public pledge through which organizations commit to creating or deepening relationships with HBCUs with a goal of recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce from these institutions. 

For Farm Credit employees seeking information about Launching Leaders, visit our internal page.