The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged America's farmers and ranchers. Hear directly from them and how they have responded.


The resiliency of America's farmers and ranchers is nothing new. We rely on them everyday for the food we eat ... and to feed the world. But as the COVID-19 pandemic moved from cities to rural communities, they began facing an incredible and new challenge.

Low commodity prices, trade wars and frequent extreme weather events have kept farmers and ranchers scraping by for several years. A global pandemic? That added a whole new hurdle. Thankfully, rural America knows how to come together. We all step up and pitch in. And at Farm Credit, we have continued to work closely with each individual customer to help them through this.

Food supply chain problems have left farmers and ranchers with produce and animals on the farm and no where to sell them. It also has left some grocery stores without enough to sell. To help policymakers and the media understand these challenges and their impact on farms across the country, Farm Credit has hosted a series of events: From the Farm Gate.

As Congress creates new policies and relief programs, it's important for them to hear directly from those producing our food and fiber. The first discussion focused on the issues livestock producers face. It featured a cattle rancher, hog producer and poultry farmer.

The second discussion explored fresh produce. From discing under lettuce because restaurants have closed to a lack of labor to harvest cherries, fruit and vegetable farmers face significant challenges, too. We brought the voices of a vegetable producer, cherry and apple producer and a family who grows onions and green chiles.