Agriculture is a capital-intensive industry regardless of the size or type of operation.

That's exactly why Farm Credit serves every part of agriculture from the smallest operations to the largest – and everything in between. 

From large grain operations to small fruit or vegetable farms, or organic producers to your neighborhood Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), or cow/calf or hog operations to timber harvesters and fisheries, Farm Credit brings the expertise and experience of more than 100 years of support to your table.

We make loans to help these producers buy land, operate farms, purchase equipment, build facilities and much more.  We offer crop insurance, credit life insurance and other financially related services. Every year we continue to increase our support for producers so they can get what they need to grow.

As agriculture continues to evolve and, in many cases, become more capital intensive, we will be here in good times and bad.

Our Loans to Farmers & Ranchers