Farmers across America have never shied away from working together to achieve success. And Farm Credit proudly supports many of the more than 2,500 farmer-owned cooperatives.

Some of those names, like Ocean Spray, Land O’Lakes and Blue Diamond, have products in many households. 

You likely drive by others every day. Grain elevators and farm supply co-ops provide inputs and expertise to farmers across the country.

The economic impact these co-ops have is significant, especially in rural communities. They provide more than 250,000 jobs with a total payroll exceeding $8 billion.

And just like Farm Credit institutions and other cooperatives, these organizations are owned by their respective members and return earnings in the form of patronage dividends.

Beyond farmer-owned cooperatives, Farm Credit also supports a wide variety of other agribusiness that provide inputs for farmers, provide on-farm services for farmers or process and handle farm products.