A critical component of Farm Credit’s support for rural communities and agriculture is supporting rural infrastructure providers. The future viability of rural America depends on access to the basic and critical infrastructure that attracts businesses and people.

Farm Credit supports rural electric cooperatives, water and wastewater facilities, health care facilities and rural communications providers. And the need for upgrading and expanding these vital services is staggering. 

Past infrastructure initiatives often focused on urban and suburban areas while not adequately addressing the unique needs of rural areas. Rural communities have seen their infrastructure deteriorate, jeopardizing their jobs, their families' health and well-being and their competitiveness in both agricultural and other industries important to rural America. 

That is why Farm Credit helped establish the Rebuild Rural Coalition. This group of more than 200 organizations from across the country focuses on rural communities, U.S. agricultural producers, rural businesses and rural families. It advocates for investment in rural America’s infrastructure and understands that rural America’s infrastructure needs are fundamentally different. 

Learn more about our involvement in advocating for policies and programs that help rebuild rural American infrastructure.