Anthem Oats

Brown County, South Dakota

Anthem Oats

Brown County, South Dakota

"Our great-great-grandfather homesteaded in South Dakota in 1882 and raised more than just oats but five generations of hard-working Americans." -The Sumption Brothers

The Sumption family has been farming in Brown County, South Dakota, since 1882. Today, the company is co-owned by Warren, Taylor, Christopher, Eric and Mark Sumption who farmed with the goal of feeding folks and staying true to their family ties.

The Sumption brothers considered developing value-add oatmeal products for several years and saw an opportunity to shift from price takers to market makers. In 2021, they introduced consumers to Anthem premium oats.

Legacy of sustainability

Regenerative and sustainable practices have kept the soil healthy and allowed five generations, going on six, to earn a living from the land. That's why adding oats to their crop rotation made sense because the grain is good for the soil and provides nutrition to their cattle in addition to being profitable. 

In addition to increasing profits from their oats, they believe being good stewards is the only way their farm can support the growing families of five brothers, some of whom have children who want to be part of the family farm. 

Developing new products

The family introduced Anthem with three product lines–traditional oats and instant flavors available in cartons or cups. Anthem features popular fruit and nut flavors, as well as less-expected combinations, such as pumpkin spice and vanilla chai.

The Sumptions make a straightforward pledge to customers: when they buy Anthem products, they are eating only oats grown on their farm with regenerative practices that are good for the environment. The oats also benefit from being grown in South Dakota. Most oats come from Canada. But the longer growing season in South Dakota lends itself to a more robust oat flavor.

The Sumptions are hopeful consumers will taste the difference and help sustain their family farm for the next 140 years. 

Farm Credit Services of America is proud to support the Sumption family as they continue to grow.