Blondies Butcher Shop

Wanamingo, Minnesota

Blondies Butcher Shop

Wanamingo, Minnesota

A Wanamingo Tradition 

Linsey Loken is the heart and soul behind Blondies Butcher Shop – a pink meat locker in Wanamingo, Minnesota that features top-quality products from local farmers. 

After spending years as a paramedic in Wyoming and Montana, she needed a change. She was burnt out on emergency medicine. Fortunately, around the same time, her father told her the local meat locker was for sale. 

The shop boasts a storied history dating back to 1934. As the fourth owner, Linsey proudly leads an establishment predominantly operated by women. 

Learning and Sharing Her Trade 

Linsey had no experience in butchering animals prior to buying the shop, but she was determined to learn. She took a summer meat cutting course and learned from other butcher shops in the state.  

A decade later, she has a passion for educating others about the meat industry and speaks at events across the country to help tell the story of agriculture.  

Whether it’s educating customers about where their meat came from or partnering with local schools to teach students how to cut meat, sharing her craft is important to Linsey.  

Expertly Crafted 

Blondies goes beyond the ordinary butcher shop experience. They aim to be a one-stop destination for their customers and offer an array of services including beef, pork, poultry, turkey and game processing. 

As a custom-exempt processing plant, Linsey and her team help farmers market their livestock directly to consumers and process them with custom cuts according to the customers' unique preferences. 

Compeer Financial is proud to partner with Blondies Butcher Shop.