Boyer Orchards

New Paris, Pennsylvania

Boyer Orchards

New Paris, Pennsylvania

Matt and Bruce Boyer own Boyer Orchards in New Paris, Pennsylvania, where they produce many varieties of apples, peaches, pears and pumpkins. 

The Boyer brothers carry on their family’s legacy as the third generation to produce fruit on the family land. 

A long-time tradition 
Matt and Bruce’s parents, Allan and JoAnn Boyer first started the orchard in 1957 and continued to grow the operation through Matt and Bruce’s childhood. Both brothers and went on to earn degrees in horticulture at Penn State before returning to the family business. And in 1989, they bought the farm from their parents to continue the family legacy. 

Today, Matt and Bruce’s sons follow in their footsteps. After college, Wes, Sam, and Ben joined their fathers in the family business, adding their insight and knowledge as the third generation of Boyers on the now 350-acre orchard. 

An unpredictable industry 
No one ever said farming was easy, and for Matt and Bruce, managing an orchard has come with its challenges. “Every year is different in the orchard business,” Bruce said. Some years, they face cold springs and frost, which can damage their tree’s blossoms significantly even before the fruit has started to grow. 

However, the Boyers are grateful to count on Farm Credit for support when times get tough. “Luckily, we have Horizon Farm Credit to rely on to help us financially if we run into these problems,” Bruce said. 

Matt agreed, “Agriculture is a risky operation or a risky business, but to have Horizon say, ‘We can help you out during low times,’ gives us confidence, as we know that they will stand behind us.”

A strong partnership 
Matt and Bruce have been Farm Credit customers for more than twenty years. Throughout that time, they have appreciated how much their loan officers understand agriculture. And, in addition to strong relationships, Matt and Bruce also feel confident that, with Horizon, they’re getting the best deal. 

“We look over our options just like anybody else,” Matt said. “We look around at others’ interest rates, how much it's going to cost us and Horizon is the better deal; they’re cheaper in the long run.” 

Word of mouth goes a long way in the agriculture industry and when asked their opinion, Bruce and Matt are quick to share their positive experiences with Horizon. “We both would recommend Horizon to someone interested in agriculture who is not quite sure what to do,” Matt said.