Brent Neuhaus

McLennan County, Texas

Brent Neuhaus

McLennan County, Texas

Brent Neuhaus is a farm kid turned Loan Star Ag Credit Board of Directors member. 

Part of the Farm Credit family for years, Brent has been honored to have the opportunity to serve in a leadership role at Lone Star Ag Credit. 

In the beginning…  
Growing up on a farm, Brent was always out either plowing and working the fields or checking and feeding cows. “It gave me an opportunity to be in the outdoors and be a part of agriculture, providing food for others,” he said. 

Brent’s father owned the John Deere dealership throughout Brent’s childhood, while also continuing to work the family farm. His father’s intimate, first-hand knowledge of what it means to be a farmer enabled him to be both an advisor and an equipment dealer for a lot of his customers, setting a strong example for Brent.  

Joining the family business  
Brent graduated from Texas A&M in 1992 and went to work at the dealership with his dad. It was then that Brent had the opportunity to continue the relationships his dad had started all those years before, learning the import role of relationship building in business.

Thanks to what he learned from his dad, when Brent thinks about Lone Star Ag Credit, it’s the relationships that he thinks about first, relationships with people like Justin Wiethorn, who’s served as his family’s loan officer for years. 

It all just seems so obvious to him. “Why not support an entity that is supporting the farms and ranches and understands what they're dealing with and how they work?” Brent said about Lone Star Ag Credit. 

The call of leadership
Brent was elected to the Lone Star Ag Credit board in 2016. 

“It's been a great experience,” he said. “There's been some highs and lows like any business, but Farm Credit is made up of salt of the earth folks and I feel like people treat me the same today as they did 20 years ago.” 

Just like his father did at the John Deere dealership, Brent is proud to be part of the Lone Star Ag Credit community because they have their priorities straight. “Lone Star Ag Credit values the customer and when the customer comes first, everything else falls into place,” he said.