Bryan Schneider

Hillsboro, Texas

Bryan Schneider

Hillsboro, Texas

With at least five generations of farmers ahead of him, Bryan Schneider appreciates those who came before him, who have contributed to what he has today.

Diversifying the Operation

“Bryan and his father stay busy tending to the operation, growing a variety of crops like corn, cotton and wheat, while looking after 45 mama cows year-round. Their efforts to diversify help protect the overall health of the farm operation.

“When times aren't as good for certain areas of your business, other areas will take up the slack,” he said.

In the brief moments when the farm work quiets, Bryan and his father help other farmers in their community.

A Family Effort

During harvest season, everyone in the Schneider family pitches in. Family members gather at the operation to assist Bryan and his father with any help they may need.

“That really shows how much the operation means to the whole family,” he said. “That gives me some peace of mind knowing my kids will hopefully have that same demeanor towards the farm.”

A Great Financial Partner

Working with Lone Star Ag Credit has helped relieve some of the financial burden that comes with owning a farming operation.

“Agriculture is expensive, and it's not easy to get into,” Bryan said. “When I got into this, I said I wanted to surround myself with people that were enthusiastic and hungry to succeed at this like I was. I found that with Lone Star, for sure.”

He doesn’t view his relationship with Farm Credit as strictly financial, however.

“It's not really like you're going in to borrow money, it's like you're going in to talk with friends and they want to see you succeed, too,” he said.

Bryan is thankful for the peace of mind that it brings. He rests easier knowing the financial aspect of his operation is in the hands of a trusted lender.