Buckeye Family Farms

Arcadia, OH

Buckeye Family Farms

Arcadia, OH

Deep Roots in Agriculture 

Ryan and Shannon George’s roots run deep in agriculture. Together with their children, they call Buckeye Family Farms home.  

The George family has cultivated the land for five generations, and they have a long tradition of raising grain crops in Northwest Ohio. In 2020, they decided to diversify by adding a half-acre field of popcorn to their crops. 

After positive feedback on the popcorn’s quality and taste, they became licensed with the Ohio Department of Agriculture to sell popcorn to the public. Since then, they have added acres of popcorn every year. 

The entire family is involved in the popcorn business, including their children. Maddie, Ainsley and Tyler help with planting, harvesting and packaging.   

From Farm to Table 

Every step, from seed to packaging, takes place on their property. This farm-to-table dedication ensures that the best product possible reaches their customers' hands. The family prides themselves on providing a locally grown product to their community and having control over the process from start to finish. 

The Georges grow a butterfly variety that produces airy popcorn and allows butter and seasonings to stick to the irregular shaped “wing” on the sides. They now supply popcorn in bulk, along with popping oil and seasoning to concession stands, movie theatres and other local businesses. 

The Popcorn Process 

Prior to spring planting, they research and taste varieties of popcorn seed and factor in weather tolerance, yield and taste. Once they select the optimal seeds, they plant with great care in mid-May with help from their children who fill planter boxes and ride in the tractor. 

In the fall, they harvest the popcorn using a corn picker to preserve the integrity of the kernel and prevent damage. The harvested ears are then tested and shelled before the kernel cleaning process. After cleaning, they package the popcorn in various sizes and distribute it. 

With AgCredit as a trusted partner, Buckeye Family Farms has invested in equipment to help improve their operation.