Buzzin’ Apiaries

Gustine, California

Buzzin’ Apiaries

Gustine, California

Beginning Roots 

Colton Rocha discovered his love for agriculture as a young boy. His operation started as a 4-H project in high school, following his father’s beekeeper around the almond orchard and learning the ropes of agriculture. 

With the help of his father, Colton was able to purchase a portion of that beekeeper’s operation and grow it into a successful operation. 

“Buzzin' Apiaries is three times the size it was 13 years ago,” Colton explained. 

The operation relies strictly on the pollination of eight different varieties of crops, which allows them to produce their key product – honey. 

A Farm to Table Operation 

Buzzin' Apiaries Honey has become a known commodity within Colton’s neighboring communities. He markets about 50 to 60 percent of the honey made on the grounds of his operation to local food marts and fruit stands in Central California and throughout Southern California. 

Colton often reflects on the growth of his operation which started as a school project consisting of just four hives, growing into the 1,000 hives he has today. 

“To get from there to where we are now, it's hard lessons and money,” he said. 

From the beehives to their customers, Buzzin' Apiaries strives to deliver the most natural honey products possible. 

Building a Strong Relationship with Farm Credit 

Farm Credit became a trusted lender for Colton during a time when his operation needed extra financing to expand and grow. 

Colton began working with Yosemite Farm Credit in 2020 and values the relationship he has developed with his loan officer, Neibeth Munoz Herd. 

“It's been wonderful working with Colton and seeing his operation grow,” Neibeth said. 

Through his strengthened relationship with Yosemite Farm Credit, Colton has also developed a deep love for the agriculture industry and the lessons he has learned over the years. 

“Working in the ag industry is great, especially when raising a family,” he said. “Raising kids in agriculture, you can't beat it. There are just great lessons that they can take from it, and you can teach your kids.