Circle M Ranch

Eutaw, Alabama

Circle M Ranch

Eutaw, Alabama

A Multi-Generation Passion 

Born and raised in Eutaw, Alabama, Donald Means has grown up in the footsteps of family farmers before him. The fifth-generation farmer operates Circle M Ranch, a Brangus-based, commercial cow-calf operation spanning more than 1,300 acres. 

Donald enjoys farming, working outdoors, raising cattle and helping feed people across the country. 

“You're able to touch so many lives in that way,” he said. 

Donald has passed down his love for farming to his three children, who also work on the farm and have started herds of their own. 

A Sustainable Ranch 

Circle M Ranch has a key focus on sustainable farming practices. They utilize rotational grazing, which allows the cattle to more efficiently use the forage and distributes manure and enrich the soil. 

As a pioneer of agriculture and a longtime cattleman, Donald has a passion for helping young and inexperienced farmers succeed. 

“For someone just getting started in the cattle business, I would recommend to them to buy the best cattle that they can afford,” he explained. 

Growing with Farm Credit 

Starting as a small cattle operation 10 years ago, his operation needed financial capital that would help his business grow. Through Farm Credit, he was able to expand his operation into what it is today. 

“I was looking to find a lender that was involved in agriculture and agricultural issues,” he said. “So, I ended up with Alabama Ag Credit.”