Cooks Farm

Trenton, South Carolina

Trenton, South Carolina

Farm Fresh 

Cook’s Farm and Roadside Market has made its mark as part of South Carolina’s Old 96 District. Since 1960, the family-owned farm and market has remained a popular destination, drawing in crowds from neighboring towns with their seasonal events and variety of products sourced from local farmers.  

Larry and Pam Cook run the operation with Larry’s nephew Thomas and sister-in-law Barbara. Larry’s son has recently joined the farm with plans to implement hydroponics and more conservation practices.  

Together, they farm 275 acres with 50 acres dedicated to growing peaches. 

“Our operation goes way back,” Larry said. “I sold my first peaches here when I was 11 years old. I made $30 that summer, and I thought I was rich.” 

In true family-owned fashion, Pam cooks lunch every day for the Roadside Market employees. 

A Local Lender 

Throughout the years, AgSouth Farm Credit has built a strong relationship with the Cooks.  

“Farm Credit understands farming more than local banks. When we call the office, we get a human being and not an answering machine,” he said. “That is very important if you’re running a business and need to talk to them.”  

From real estate and operational loans to mitigating risk with crop insurance, AgSouth Farm Credit is there to support the Cooks. 

“AgSouth has been very helpful to us and try to help us in every way,” Larry said.