Cross B Cattle Co.

Erath County, Texas

Cross B Cattle Co.

Erath County, Texas

Raising Red Angus

Cross B Cattle Company started from scratch in the heart of Texas and has grown over the years – building on a foundation of hard work, family and a love of ranching.

Tony Ballinger has a passion for raising cattle and expanded his herd with support and financing from AgTrust Farm Credit. The operation raises over 200 head of commercial calves and 100 registered females, predominately high-quality Red Angus cattle. They own 480 acres of land and lease 4,500 acres in the surrounding area.

First Generation, Hopefully a Second

Tony is a proud first-generation cattle raiser, and the future of the operation looks bright with his son, Carson.

“I love the experience of working with him and learning from him firsthand,” Carson said. “It's him teaching me how to utilize banks like AgTrust to grow our operation.”

Together, Tony and Carson run the day-to-day operations on the ranch.

The Farm Credit Difference

Tony’s relationship with his AgTrust Farm Credit loan officer has made all the difference.

“I feel like working with AgTrust, it's more like dealing with a partner than it is a bank,” he said. “The guys there at AgTrust, they do a good job of building a good relationship with their customers, and I think that's really important in the ag business.”

Over the years, Tony has worked with AgTrust Farm Credit to help his operation flourish.

“The rates are competitive, and then the patronage just really puts it over the top.”