Dawson Farms

Cranfills Gap, Texas

Dawson Farms

Cranfills Gap, Texas

Hank Dawson had a goal of being a self-sustaining agriculturist after he entered retirement.

A new endeavor

Hank Dawson and his wife Annie decided they wanted to enter into agriculture as Hank neared retirement.

“When I got close to retirement, we were looking for property, and the intent was to be able to enjoy farming, to share that with our kids and our grandkids,” Hank said.

With the help of AgTrust Farm Credit, Hank and his family found a property that suited their desire to retire in the agriculture industry.

A deep-rooted history

Hank and his wife acquired the historic Rogstad farm near Cranfills Gap, Texas. The Rogstad farm was founded in the late 1850s by eight Norwegian families who immigrated to Norse Valley. Today, it still reflects many of the pioneer’s improvements, including the stone wall and cedar rafters of the pioneer’s first cabin.

“We’ve taken the cabin that was originally here; it has a history associated with it, but restored it, and we utilize it as a bed and breakfast,” Hank said.

Hank’s wife Annie takes an active role in creating products developed from their property. The Dawsons raise 10 hives of honeybees to produce honey and red stag deer. They also grow lavender.

“My wife takes honey wax, and she makes candles with it. She introduces the lavender into the soaps, lotions, sugar scrubs and things of that nature,” Hank said.

The Dawsons take their home-grown products and sell them at local farmers markets, trade shows and through their online store.

A trusted lender

Hank and Annie attribute much of their success to their relationship with AgTrust. Their loan officer, Aaron, has helped them grow their operation from 40 acres to 120 acres as they expanded their business.

As Hank put it, “I think with rural property, I don't think that you can go wrong with AgTrust.”