Dee River Ranch

Aliceville, Alabama

Dee River Ranch

Aliceville, Alabama

The key to success

For Dee River Ranch, a sprawling family farm near the Alabama-Mississippi state line, sustainability is the key to success.

Annie Dee, supported by her brother Mike and sons Jesse and Seth, leads the charge in implementing climate-smart practices. Together, they raise corn, soybeans, cattle and timber on 10,000 acres.

Sowing the seeds of sustainability

By implementing no-till and cover crop methods early on, Dee River Ranch has improved soil health and mitigated erosion from wind and rain.

“It has really helped us to become sustainable and be more successful in our row crop production,” Annie said.

These sustainable practices enhance their soil's organic matter and water-holding capacity, while increasing overall crop productivity.

“Annie's commitment to sustainability is impressive and very important to her,” said Lou Robertson, an Alabama Ag Credit Relationship Manager. “It's important to maintain it today and for future generations.”

Embracing new systems, higher yields

Alabama averages 56 to 60 inches of rainfall annually, with most during the fall and winter months. To combat the region's unpredictable rainfall patterns, Dee River Ranch constructed a 115-surface acre reservoir and new irrigation system, ensuring a reliable water supply during the growing season.

“In the first year we installed the irrigation system, we more than doubled our yields,” Annie said.

Recognizing the need for growth, they turned to  for support in building additional grain storage and handling facilities.

“We’re limited by how much grain we can get hauled away,” she said. “So, in 2022, we went back to Alabama Ag Credit, and we now have 750,000 bushels worth of storage.”

Farm Credit: A trusted partner

Dee River Ranch and Alabama Ag Credit work together as trusted partners.

“They're truly our partner. It's in their best interest for us to succeed and our best interest for them to succeed,” Annie said.

Understanding the risks and needs of farmers like Annie is Alabama Ag Credit’s priority.

“My relationship with Annie is very important,” Lou said. “Understanding everything she needs to make her business the most profitable that it can be is my job.”