Dorr Farms

Gable, South Carolina

Gable, South Carolina

Farm Fresh Produce 

Maynard and Marie Dorr have dedicated over three decades to nurturing the land and shaping Dorr Farms into a pillar of their community. 

In 1991, Maynard and Marie began raising turkeys. Maynard also planted a garden just large enough to feed their growing family. One year, a local Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service agent approached the Dorr family about selling their produce at a new farmers market.  

This set the stage for a new venture for Dorr Farms, and their modest one-acre garden quickly expanded. 

A Growing Farm 

In 2014, Dorr Farms added strawberries and honeybees to their operation. Maynard started with a mere 10 hives and saw a substantial increase in fruit production. They now raise over 400 hives of honeybees and produce honey year-round. 

They continue to raise turkeys for Prestage Farms, while growing tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, onions, watermelons, collards, okra, peppers, kale, beans and more.  

Dorr Farms is now a staple in the community and their family focuses on educating visitors about the importance of agriculture. In the fall, the farm is full of visitors enjoying fall festivities, including a pumpkin patch, hayrides and a corn maze.  

Throughout their journey, Arbor One has been a reliable partner, providing financial support and expertise to help Dorr Farms grow.