Enfield Cotton Ginnery

Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Enfield Cotton Ginnery

Rocky Mount, North Carolina

A legacy continues  

After the passing of her husband, Tatum Eason was determined to continue the legacy of the original 16 owners of Enfield Cotton Ginnery. She hopes one day her daughter might operate their diversified 1,600-acre operation – consisting of beef cattle, hay, cotton, mulch and dirt.  

The business also operates 15 module trucks that custom haul over 36 different cotton gins each year, from Virginia to South Carolina, to as far as Mississippi. This large-scale operation requires a significant commitment to the cotton industry from Tatum, which she finds rewarding.  

“Enfield holds a very special place in my heart,” Tatum said.

Best friends and business partners 

To help with the operation, Tatum recently hired her best friend, and also a local to the Rocky Mount area.  

“Having my best friend along my side for one of the most challenging times in my life after my husband passing, I couldn't have asked for a bigger blessing,” Tatum said. “The opportunities have been endless. We work off each other's energy, and it's the best thing being a woman in agriculture”  

She also credits her success to her husband being her teacher when they worked together. “Without him guiding me and teaching me, I wouldn't be where I am today." 

Assistance for tough times  

Through successes and challenges, AgCarolina Farm Credit has supported Tatum. 

“I've seen the good and the bad and the ugly when it comes to farming,” she said. “We all know that it’s challenging every year.” 

Tatum relies on AgCarolina as a trusted partner to step in with support and advice when working through the rising costs of inputs and parts. 

“My advice to anyone is if they're interested in starting a new business in agriculture, don't be afraid to just sit down and talk to these people. I've become good friends with a lot of people in Farm Credit, and I'm looking forward to working with Farm Credit for many years to come.”