Farmers Brewing Company

Princeton, California

Farmers Brewing Company

Princeton, California

Centuries of Farming 

Fifth-generation farmer Bill Weller transformed his worth ethic, attention to detail and patience into a passion for brewing beer.  

Bill started helping on the family farm at just eight years old. Later, he earned his bachelor's degree in Agricultural Engineering Technology and realized a desk job was not for him. When he met his wife Kristin in 2001, her deep roots for farming and agricultural background – also spanning five generations – instilled a realization in Bill, and the seeds were sown to create a family-owned brewery. 

Farmers Brewing Company produces clean, crisp beers from the products grown on their operation, which include rice, almonds, walnuts and wheat. 


From Field to Glass 

The Weller’s proudly operate a true farm-to-glass brewery. They began brewing their beer as a hobby in their home, before expanding their 1-barrel system in an old barn on the family property into a 50-barrel facility. 

With a new facility built from the ground up and their focus on crafting high-quality, they quickly achieved their goal of brewing easy drinking beer. 

As a family-owned operation, each member of the family is highly involved in each process of creating their products. Bill and Kristin’s children have also joined the family business, creating recipes, product names and even perfecting the ingredients in some of their signature beers. 


A Hands-on Experience 

Surrounded by farmlands in Northern California, the Farmers Brewing Company taproom offers visitors a chance to taste some of their seasonal and experimental brews in the center of nature. 

Visitors are able to watch their beer being poured from dozens of rotating taps, while watching the brewers in action. Over the years, they have built an additional facility and taproom in the California region to serve a growing consumer base. 

Throughout their journey, Farm Credit has supported the Weller’s in the development of their operation.