Green Vale Farm Creamery

Coopersville, MI

Green Vale Farm Creamery

Coopersville, MI

A True Family Operation 

A century of farm history lives within the barn walls of Green Vale Farms, located in Coopersville, Michigan. Owned and operated by Heidi Hendrickson, the farm’s storefront and creamery offers West Michigan a selection of fresh steaks, beef sticks, summer sausage, cheese curds, eggs and also raises pigs, chickens and Thanksgiving turkeys. 

More than 500 cattle roam the barns of the property, taken care of by Heidi. A young farmer, she purchased the farm from her father in 2022 after leasing it since 2019. In the three years prior to the purchase, Heidi grew the farm-to-table market from the ground up. 

She prides herself on caring for all of her animals as though they were her own family. Meats are raised on the farm and harvested at a local USDA inspected facility. They are fed natural grains along with some forages and are hormone and antibiotic free. 

A Strong Work Ethic 

As someone who grew up in agriculture and was taught to work hard, Heidi takes great pride in her business. 

“My dad raised all of us seven kids with a very strong work ethic. We learned you do the job right and you do it until it’s done. There was a bar, and we were expected to live up to those standards,” Heidi said. 

Since taking over the farm, she has updated the barns, expanded the storefront’s product line and hours and makes cheese on-site. 

Heidi appreciates the support from her husband, family and the community, and she looks forward to achieving more goals on the farm in the future. 

She is a proud customer of GreenStone Farm Credit Services