G's Jam

Rowland, North Carolina

Rowland, North Carolina

A Family Tradition 

Sarah Grace Stone is no stranger to the hard work that comes with running a farming operation. As a little girl, her free time consisted of watching crops grow, riding horses and riding around the fields with her father and grandfather. 

Since then, she’s developed a strong work ethic and a passion for agriculture. That passion allowed Sarah Grace to find her place in producing her own jam and supporting the row crop operation of 5,000 acres of farmland. 

Inspired by her grandmother’s strawberry jam recipe, Sarah Grace began to use the crops grown on her family’s farm to make a variety of delicious jam flavors year-round. 

“I grow the produce here on our family farm, and I make jam with the produce that I grow, and then sell it to our community and now create gift boxes and sell that to different business owners,” Sarah Grace said. 

Farm Credit: A Tight-Knit Community 

As an eighth-generation farmer, Sarah Grace appreciates the sense of community she has gained working in the agriculture industry.  

Through the financial support AgCarolina Farm Credit has offered her family for four generations, she has gained a strong sense of belonging. 

“When my granddad decided to buy into the farm, Farm Credit was there to help him achieve his goals,” she said. “Farm Credit has been there for my dad as he has come back to the farm and grown the farm, and I know Farm Credit will be there for me every step of the way as I continue to build my small business and add value to our farm.” 

Supporting Women in Agriculture 

Sarah Grace understands the challenges that come with being a female farmer. She credits Farm Credit for the exposure and knowledge she has gained within the industry. 

“One way Farm Credit has supported me is through Women in Ag Conferences,” she said. “That gives me a sense of community, and it also broadens my ideas and helps me think of new things to bring back to our farm.” 

Sarah Grace hopes to see women in agriculture become more involved in the decision-making process and take on more roles in management.  

“One piece of advice that I would give to a young, beginning or small farmer is to chase your dreams,” she said. “No dream is too big, no dream is too small, and just know that Farm Credit is there to walk alongside of you as you build, as you grow, and as you make your dreams reality.”