Jeter Mountain Farm

Hendersonville, North Carolina

Jeter Mountain Farm

Hendersonville, North Carolina

From Seed to Harvest 

Jeter Mountain Farm began in 2005, when the Hunsader family acquired over 400 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. They planted the first apple tree in 2014, and the farm began producing commercial tomatoes in 2015.  

The Hunsaders tended to their growing orchards, and they now grow more than 20 varieties of apples, as well as peaches, blueberries, raspberries, grapes, elderberries and pumpkins. Today, Jeter Mountain Farm features u-pick apples, a wedding venue, an indoor market, kid friendly activities, a food truck and their own brand of craft ciders. 

A Strong Future Together 

With dreams as grand as their orchards, the Hunsaders faced a challenge when starting their farm: capital. They had the land and the knowledge, but they needed financial support to make their vision a reality. That's when they turned to AgSouth Farm Credit. 

"Farm Credit helped give our farm a future, a future that we want to pass on to our kids,” Jared said. “We were able to accomplish things that would have taken decades organically within a few years with Farm Credit." 

The Hunsaders value the relationships they have built with their loan officers.  

“We weren't just a number to them. They are truly like a friend to us,” Jared said. “I know I can pick up my phone and call my loan officer and he will answer all the time. I feel like I have a partner in our business.” 

Taking Care of the Land 

Tyler and Jared take pride in stewarding the land and focusing on sustainability in their operation. They ensure nothing goes to waste by pressing thousands of gallons of juice off the apples every year. They have also implemented cover crop methods to improve soil health and mitigate erosion. 

“This piece of property is our livelihood, so we want to be able to take care of it the best way that we know how,” Jared said.