JoNina Farm

Ochlocknee, GA

JoNina Farm

Ochlocknee, GA

Reviving Family History

JoNina Farm, nestled in southwest Georgia, has a rich family history that Lindy and Perry Savelle revived.

They brought new life to JoNina Farm, where Perry’s parents made cane syrup decades ago. In the 1940s and 1950s, his parents, Joe and Nina, sold their product under the name JoNina.

Sixty-five years later, Perry and Lindy returned to Thomas County and began transforming JoNina Farm. They now grow and sell fresh citrus, including Satsuma oranges, seedless tangerines, lemons, grapefruit, navels, mandarins, blood oranges, thornless limes and kumquats.

And they operate with a simple, clear mission; provide a heartwarming experience, superior products and remarkable service to their visitors.

A Local Focus

Prior to Lindy’s retirement, they researched several small business concepts but kept coming back to the idea of reviving their small family farm.

They explored various commodities—including pomegranates, Lychee and crawfish, before settling on citrus. They believed it was the best fit for them and could help stimulate growth in their local economy.

In 2016, they planted their grove and began growing citrus trees for sale to others. They eventually established Georgia Grown Citrus, a commercial citrus hub located on JoNina Farm. In 2021, they built a USDA-certified greenhouse which allows them to ship trees outside of Georgia. Georgia Grown Citrus now partners with five other commercial nurseries to grow nearly 100 varieties of citrus available to homeowners, commercial growers, and other nurseries.

Southwest Georgia Farm Credit is proud to partner with JoNina Farm, helping their operation grow and thrive.