KCK Farms

Anthony, Kansas

KCK Farms

Anthony, Kansas

A Strong Line of Farmers

Agriculture runs in Katie Carothers’ blood. A fifth-generation farmer and rancher raised in South Central Kansas, Katie and her husband Kregg started their meat operation in 2015, with a mission to cultivate the health and wellness of their customers by providing them with homegrown proteins.

KCK Farms grows all types of protein including beef, poultry, turkey, and pork. In their early days, the operation started by primarily growing beef, then expanded into what it is today.

“I think it's been good for us to see that farming and ranching is always evolving and you have to be willing to move with it,” Katie said.

With a strong passion to steward the land she farms on, Katie prides herself on practicing sustainable farming to keep their operation thriving.

They recapture their margin of profits by ensuring they use the whole animal, feeding it at home and selling it by the cut.

“I think a lot of people like to know that nothing’s wasted,” Katie said.

Educating Consumers

Although Katie and Kregg are far from beginning farmers, the couple aims to educate farmers on the rise, as well as consumers, about agriculture.

Katie serves as a full-time educator – in addition to her farming duties – hosting homeschool groups, families, and public groups on their operation. They also provide games, props, and farm-friendly snacks on tours around their farm.

Farming for the Future

Katie and Kregg are farming with the future in mind. A processing facility for chicken, pork and lamb was recently added. Katie is working hard on getting her new facility USDA inspected so that she can control her entire process from start to finish.

They hope to keep the generations of farming and ag business running for future generations. Thanks to High Plains Farm Credit, the couple has been able to further their dreams and goals.

“I would just be stuck without Farm Credit,” Katie said.