Korby Effland

White City, Kansas

Korby Effland

White City, Kansas

Where many farmers saw limitations, Korby Effland saw opportunity.

During a time of great drought in Oklahoma, when and cows were affordable, Korby recognized an opportunity and decided to start a cattle business. 

Support from Farm Credit
However, before he could launch his operation, Korby needed help financing his purchase. He took his idea to Frontier Farm Credit and they worked with him on a loan to jumpstart the business. 

“I went to Farm Credit and they loaned me the money to buy two pot loads of cows,” he said. Koby took his 70 cows up to Kansas and got to work growing his equity. 

Another new venture 
Korby was busy on the farm, working his newly acquired cattle, when a representative from the seed dealership showed up. They ask if Korby would grow and sell seed for them. Korby long had an interest in the seed business, so the decision was easy. He said yes. 

While the seed operation portion of the business started small, it expanded quickly. “Over the last couple of years, we’ve added treaters, bulk sites and a fleet of tenders. It’s been a really good addition to our income on the farm,” Korby said. 

Custom work and cattle expansion 
In addition to the seed business, Korby and his family have added a lot of custom work to the business as well. 

“We’ve been doing custom spraying, custom planting for the neighbors and quite a bit of custom harvesting,” he said.  

Why stop there? The Efflands have also expanded the cattle operation. “We've always fed cattle, and over the last two years we've expanded to our current feed lot and added a second feed lot. We're feeding out a lot of steers now,” Korby said. 

Looking to the future, who knows what other ventures await Korby and his ambitious agricultural career.