Laura Soybeans

Corwith, Iowa

Laura Soybeans

Corwith, Iowa

In an era when soybean growers are committing more acres to non-food grade beans, the Chambers stand out for the quality of their food-grade soybeans.

Growing what customers want

The Chambers Family has over a 100-year tradition of farming in Corwith, Iowa. All their Laura® Soybeans products are grown, harvested, processed and packaged by the fifth-generation farm family. But father and son Norman and Jonathan Chambers have never let tradition determine convention at Fairview Farms. In the 1980s, Norman saw an opportunity to open new markets to consumers for whom soybeans are an important component of their diet. That led him to shift to growing non-GMO food-grade soybeans.

And in an era when soybean growers are committing more acres to non-food grade beans, these Farm Credit Services of America customers stand out for the quality of their food-grade soybeans.

Developing his market

A Japanese exchange student gave him insights into the culture and helped write his emails to soybean buyers. A farm visit from a Japanese delegation to the U.S. furthered his efforts to establish ties in a country where personal relationships are vital for successful marketing.

Today, soybeans grown on the Chambers’ fifth-generation farm are prized by consumers in Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Japan. Health-conscious Americans recommend Laura Soybeans – the name domestic brand — as the beans to use for quality tofu, soy milk and more. The family also sells Tosteds edible beans in the U.S. market, promoting their dry-roasted and packaged beans as a high protein snack rich in fiber, isoflavones, antioxidants and Omega-3 healthy oils.

Responding to customers’ needs

The Chambers understand they must be responsive to their customers to succeed as food-grade growers. Jonathan, for example, has traveled to Japan to learn from family tofu shop owners what they need in a high-quality food soybean.

The Chambers have taken what they learned to scientists to develop soybeans that thrive in Iowa’s growing conditions while also meeting their customers’ needs. They use their social channels to give consumers a window into the care that goes into growing their soybeans.

The family is rewarded for their efforts with reviews that consistently rate Laura Soybeans as the top choice by consumers striving to get the best flavor, texture and nutrition from the soybeans in their diet.