Maximuck Farm and Garden

Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Maximuck Farm and Garden

Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Matt Maximuck Sr. and Cheryl, along with their son, are proud owners of Maximuck Farm and Garden where they grow hydroponic produce year-round.

As longtime agricultural producers, the Maximucks commit themselves to selling high-quality produce to their customers.

Their red leaf and oak leaf lettuces, mixed greens and other produce supply their family farm store, a local Wegmans and wholesalers within their community. Additionally, they raise their own beef and pork, bake fresh goods and a little bit of everything else.

While larger chain stores are known for importing their goods from other countries, Maximuck Farm and Garden prides itself on providing locally-sourced produce.

Partnering with Farm Credit

Since 1999, the Maximucks have built more than seven greenhouses where they grow all their produce. They credit Farm Credit, who has been a working partner for several years.

“The Maximucks' story is something that I think is amazing,” Justene MacCauley, Ag Relationship Manager at Horizon Farm Credit explained. “Farm Credit's played an important part as a partner for them as they've grown their business over the years.”

While the banks didn’t understand their vision and how to run a farming operation, Farm Credit understood their vision and how to be a trusted lender. “We’ve made it happen, definitely with help from Farm Credit,” Matt Maximuck Sr. said.

Horizon Farm Credit offers farm loans, home and land products, operating and equipment loans and just about anything else that goes into running an operation.

Conserving the Future of Agriculture

The Maximucks plan to stay in the business of farming for generations to come and pass the operation to their son, keeping it in the family.

“I just love being here on the farm. It's peaceful, it's rewarding and you're passing something on,” Cheryl Maximuck said.