Prairie Ridge Buffalo Ranch

Limon, Colorado

Prairie Ridge Buffalo Ranch

Limon, Colorado

A Multi-Generation Commitment 

Ray and Debbie Thieman started Prairie Ridge Buffalo Ranch as a small hobby ranch in Limon, Colorado. 

The Thieman's initially purchased their first 29 buffalo in 1999, and over the years they have grown it into a fully sustainable buffalo ranch. 

“It was the best decision of my life,” Ray said. 

From the beginning, they involved their daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren with the daily operations, achieving their ultimate goal of having a multi-generational buffalo ranch.  

Prairie Ridge Buffalo Ranch takes its mission to provide customers with the highest quality of meat possible seriously. They have successfully developed a bison breeding program that provides consistent improvement in the herd through exclusive selection and purchasing of superior bulls. 

Partner Through the Decades 

Ray and Debbie have partnered with Farm Credit of Southern Colorado since 1999, when they leased a 12,000-acre ranch.  

“I know that my interests from the banking side are covered very well because they're just as invested in this ranch as I am,” Sean Bennett, ranch manager at Prairie Ridge Buffalo Ranch, said. 

In partnership with Farm Credit, they have expanded their herd to 1,500 buffalo while also adding new buildings to help streamline and improve ranch operations.