Redhead Cider

Berlin Heights, Ohio

Redhead Cider

Berlin Heights, Ohio

A Friendship Built on the Farm 

Josh Raboin and Joe Burnham IV began their friendship as two teenagers working on the farm.  

Josh’s father, Randy, worked at Burnham Orchards, where apples are picked and pressed into apple cider. Josh became intrigued with the process of making cider and wanted to learn more about the Raboin family tradition. 

Over the years, he collected fresh apple cider made on the farm and began the process of fermenting it and turning it into hard cider. 

In 2014, Josh and Joe came together to create Redhead Ciderhouse, producing one of the freshest, purest and unique hard ciders. 

Two Operations, One Product 

Burnham Orchards has operated in the Firelands of Ohio for over two centuries. Spanning more than 1,000 acres, the operation strives to sell consumers high-quality products and operate on the cutting edge of new varieties. 

In addition to the wide selection of apples grown on their farm, introducing delicious hard ciders was a no brainer for this family operation. 

Burnham Orchards is now the home of Redhead Ciderhouse, where they pick the apples, press, ferment and package all their hard ciders on site. 

A Variety of Flavors 

Redhead Ciderhouse offers a variety of year-round and seasonal selections including Apple Pie, Redhead Original, Smooth Hoperator, Blackberry Shandy, Hot Chick, Naughty Sauce and Witch Be Gone. 

The two operations pride themselves on distributing quality ciders throughout northern Ohio. 

A Partnership with Farm Credit 

Thanks to financial support from AgCredit, Burnham Orchards and Redhead Ciderhouse have flourished over the years. 

By allowing Josh and Joe to leverage Burnham Orchards’ primary product – apples – and its value-added product made by the orchard – cider, the future of both operations looks bright.