R/Farm Distilling Co.

Mound City, Missouri

R/Farm Distilling Co.

Mound City, Missouri

Four Generations Strong

R/Farm Distilling Co. is a true farm distillery, surrounded by rows of grain and overlooking the rolling hills of northwest Missouri.

The Rosier family has carried on the family legacy generation after generation – dating back to 1930 when their great-grandparents made Holt County home. Today, they plant, harvest and distill corn, wheat and rye to create their signature spirits.

From Field to Finish

R/Farm is a family-run business from “field to finish.” They are proud to have their hands in every part of the process.

Brothers Dylan, Cole and Gage along with their father Kirby harvest the grain – just like the farm has done for generations, except now they use these crops for handcrafted bourbon, whiskey, gin and vodka.

Every member of the family is involved in operations, from planting to the general manager and the director of marketing.

The Rosiers have come to especially appreciate FCS Financial because the cooperative understands their business and, thanks to financial support from FCS Financial, the new venture has flourished. “Relationship is everything to us,” Kirby said.

“FCS Financial is an incredible company who played a vital role in our family being able to start this venture of creating a distillery from scratch,” the family added. “Thank you to FCS Financial for believing in us.”

Commitment to Ag Education

Since opening their doors in 2022, visitors can taste flights of farm-grown whiskey and bourbon products, while educating themselves on agriculture. On the tour, guests are able to walk the fields, see the distilling process and learn how each grain affects the flavor of the alcohol.

The Rosier family prides themselves on bringing agriculture to people who might otherwise not have the opportunity.