Rooted In Red

Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Rooted In Red

Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Farming through the Generations 

Fourth and fifth generation farmers Jamie and Rocky Biegel own and operate Dempze Cranberry, but it wasn’t always that way. 

In 1900, Charles Dempze grew his first cranberry in central Wisconsin, then expanded his operation to a second marsh, run by his son Gordon and wife Iris. 

After serving in WWII as a pilot, Gordon and his family took over the entire family operation and expanded Dempze Cranberry Company to Wisconsin Rapids.  His son, Gordon “Jim” Dempze, then took over the operation and worked on the cranberry marsh his entire life. 

Jim Dempze expanded the family business and added another marsh in northern Wisconsin, before passing it on to today’s owners, his daughter Jamie and son-in-law Rocky. 

Expanding for the Future 

Rocky Biegel has played a key role in growing the family business by sharing his knowledge of farming and agriculture. In 2012, the Biegels expanded the family business again with the addition of King Cranberries, a hybrid development and research facility at the University of Wisconsin. 

With cranberry marshes spread throughout Wisconsin, the Beigels are highly involved in each step of the process. 

Beyond Agriculture 

Today, the Biegels run more than a cranberry operation. They offer music festivals, family experiences, wagon tours, sell gift cards, t-shirts and cookbooks, and even use their operation ground as a wedding venue. 

Their online store, Rooted in Red, features all the products sold on the operation, along with blog posts that teach about their family history. 

They are proud to have a longstanding relationship with AgCountry Farm Credit Services