Southern Farm Co. 

Holly Pond, Alabama

Southern Farm Co. 

Holly Pond, Alabama

“I feel like this business has given me a platform to show the blood, sweat, and tears that go into farming.” – Karli Huddleston

Apparel made to advocate

In 2016 stay-at-home mom, Karli Huddleston opened Southern Farm. Co in hopes of making a little extra money for her family. Southern Farm Co. is a clothing line that sells apparel that highlights farm life and agriculture advocacy. Through her clothing, Karli advocates not only for Alabama agriculture but for producers around the nation. 

Farm life inspired

Southern Farm Co.’s apparel is a direct inspiration of Karli’s experiences in the agriculture industry. Karli’s husband, Matt, is a third-generation farmer and raises over 100 Holstein cattle and cuts hay and silage.

“I decided to take inspiration from his profession and make it into a clothing line,” Karli said. 

Through Karli and her family’s experiences in the agriculture industry, she gains inspiration to create clothing that highlights farm life and the hard work and dedication it takes to live a life as a farmer. 

A lending hand

Today, Southern Farm Co. is a nationally known brand with a following of over 50,000 on social media. “We ship all over the world, including to those who do not have farms, and are just fascinated with the farming lifestyle and the simplicity that comes with it,” Karli said. 

Southern Farm Co. is a small business turned national because of the support of Karli’s financial partner, Alabama Farm Credit.

“We’re very proud to be customers of Alabama Farm Credit because they made our business feel valued and made us feel like more than just a customer,” Karli said.