Summerhill Goat Dairy

Hanford, California

Summerhill Goat Dairy

Hanford, California

Family Owned and Operated 

Nestled in Central California, Johnnie and Anneke de Jong have operated their dairy goat farm for over 20 years. The operation does everything from raising baby goats and feeding the animals, to processing and bottling the milk – under one roof. 

Since 2010, they have participated in the Certified Humane program, an independent third-party certification that verifies that the care they show for their animals truly is of the highest quality. 

“We didn’t have to change anything,” Anneke said. “It’s the way we’ve always taken care of our goats, humanely.” 

Today, the de Jong’s milk over 3,000 goats and service 5,000 stores across the country. 

From Goat to Glass 

In 2016, the de Jong’s installed solar panels, allowing them to produce their own electricity without having to use other sources of power. 

They have perfected a vertically integrated process over the years. From the raising of the goats to the production and bottling of the milk, customers can be confident in the “goat to glass” standard established at the de Jong’s farm. 

An Innovative Partnership 

As a closed-loop herd focused on good ethics, animal health and environmental sustainability, the values established at Summerhill Goat Dairy closely align with that of Golden State Farm Credit. 

“We’re here to help the communities that we serve prosper,” said Tanner Swanson, a relationship manager at Golden State Farm Credit. “Whether that is through our customers, and the service that they're providing, and the goods that they're providing to those communities.” 

With their expanding market and a growing demand for goat milk, the de Jong’s expanded their operation by building their dream facility with the help of Golden State Farm Credit. 

“Golden State Farm Credit has been fantastic to work with,” Anneke said. “We’re going to add goats, which means we have to add more facilities, and Golden State are the ones that make that possible.”