Temple Farms

Ashford, Alabama

Temple Farms

Ashford, Alabama

Farming Sustainably

Adam and Sarah Temple are proud owners of Temple Farms, a peanut, corn and soybean operation located in Houston County, Alabama. They farm approximately 400 acres of crop land, including 240 irrigated acres and 150 acres of woodland. 

The Temples farm with a focus on sustainability, conservation and improving yield efficiency, which they believe go hand-in-hand. As beginning farmers, they did not have the traditional agriculture educational background. They both acquired college degrees in engineering, which gave them the aptitude for efficiency and sustainability they now practice on their farm. 

“Over the past year, we've gotten substantially more involved in agricultural leadership through both our Alabama Farmer's Federation and through Alabama Ag Credit,” Sarah explained. 

Initially, Sarah did not see a future in the agriculture industry. When Adam decided on farming for his career path, Sarah began to develop a strong passion and interest in agriculture over time. 

“I really do enjoy the lifestyle that this farm provides us,” she said. 

Partnering with Farm Credit

In June 2023, the Temples participated in the Farm Credit Young Leaders Program, where they met with Farm Credit, USDA and elected officials to discuss loan programs and policies that affect the country’s farmers and ranchers. 

Through this program, their interest grew, and Alabama Ag Credit provided the Temples with an opportunity to showcase their products at the Farm Credit Fly-In Marketplace. 

“This provides us an opportunity to provide the Fly-In Participants with a homegrown product that we were able to grow from seed to bag that's sustainable, delicious, and a great product,” Adam said. 

At the 2023 Farm Credit Fly-In, the Temples look forward to sharing their story with members of Congress on Capitol Hill. 

“I look forward to getting to tell our story and getting to share some of our crops directly from field to table,” Sarah said. “It's a message that we believe in, it's a lifestyle that we stand by.”