T&M Aerial Spraying

Garland, North Carolina

T&M Aerial Spraying

Garland, North Carolina

Providing Valuable Services for Farmers 

Farmers are known to work and care for the land, but sometimes they need a little help from the sky. That’s where T&M Aerial Spraying comes in. 

Tommy Newkirk started flying in the mid 90s, and when farmers started asking if he would help with aerial application, Tommy answered that demand by taking an ag spraying course and earning his commercial license. Thus, T&M Aerial Spraying was born.  

Based in Garland, North Carolina, Tommy Newkirk and his family work with many farmers throughout southeastern North Carolina. They also run Newkirk Machine and Welding. Since starting the aerial side of the business, business has really taken off. 

“We had been in business for some years, and it had begun to grow,” Melissa Newkirk said, owner of T&M Aerial Spraying and wife of Tommy. “We saw the need for larger airplanes.” 

Having capaticy to grow their business benefited the Newkirks and the others farmers in the area, too. 

“Time and efficiency are big with farming,” Tommy said. “When the bugs hit, you’ve got a window where when spraying has to be put on. A lot of farmers can’t get across their crops quickly enough, and that’s where the airplane really shines.” 

Protecting the Future of Agriculture 

Everything T&M applies is EPA approved and enhances the growth of the crops, allowing for bigger yields. T&M carefully calculates aerial its applications.  

“We may have 300-400 gallons of water and two to three ounces of chemicals to the acre, so it’s not a saturation of chemicals you’re just spraying out,” Adam Brinkley, an Ag pilot with T&M Aerial Spraying, explained. 

Those in the agricultural industry have a true desire to protect the land and produce quality food for consumers. The Newkirks have proven themselves as knowledgeable and responsible in the area, increasing the number of farmers they work with over the years and creating the need to expand the business. 

Partnering with Farm Credit 

A farmer referred the Newkirks to AgCarolina Farm Credit to discuss building their business. At the time, the Newkirks had already financed a plane with their bank. AgCarolina Farm Credit not only helped the Newkirks pay off their plane, the also continued the relationship to help them purchase two more planes and additional land. The Newkirks also experienced the benefits of patronage first-hand. 

“If you are disciplined enough, and you give the money back to AgCarolina Farm Credit, it helps on your principal amount, paying it off and with your interest rate,” Melissa shared. “In addition to patronage, another thing that impressed us is that AgCarolina Farm Credit truly has a passion to help farmers like us and to improve the ag industry as a whole.”  

Whether it’s the Newkirks lending a hand from the sky, AgCarolina Farm Credit helping build a business, or farmers producing food, agriculture is a community and AgCarolina Farm Credit is honored to be a part of it.

This story was originally published by AgCarolina Farm Credit.