Tooter and Jimma Robertson

Boerne, Texas

Tooter and Jimma Robertson

Boerne, Texas

The Robertsons, wanting more than they had in the city, decided to pick up and move out to the country with the help of Texas Farm Credit.

Tooter and Jimma Robertson were living with their two kids, Preston and Macy, in the Fair Oaks area. But they craved a change of pace. 

Country living 
While other kids played baseball and danced ballet, Preston and Macy rodeoed and wanted to get into stock shows, extracurriculars that weren’t offered in the city. And Tooter and Jimma longed to escape the cramped area where they lived. “It wasn’t enough room for us. We needed a little more space,” Tooter said. 

The Robertsons started looking for a new place to live and found their dream home. The property included eight acres of land, a house built roughly four years prior and a barn with space for guest lodging. 

First stop: financing 
However, before they could make any big life changes, the Robertsons needed to find someone who would finance their purchase. 

Tooter started thinking through the financial institutions that he knew. “My first thought was to go with a credit union or a commercial bank. I didn’t actually know that Texas Farm Credit had a separate mortgage department,” he said. 

However, after conducting some research, Tooter learned about the expansive rural home financing services that Texas Farm Credit offers and decided to take his business there. 

And reflecting on his decision, Tooter was so glad that he did. “This was the simplest process by far,” Tooter said. “Cade took us by the hand and walked us through the whole process.” 

Looking to the future
Tooter and Jimma keep Preston and Macy top of mind when making decisions, and moving to the country was no different. While this life change may have been drastic in the eyes of their urban neighbors, the Robertsons wanted Preston and Macy to experience a life where they understand the intricacies of what it means to ranch, a life in which they have a relationship with the land, and a life where they understand how to care for animals. For them, that meant moving to the country.

“We want to pass down everything that we do to our kids, so they know the same lifestyle that we grew up knowing,” Tooter said.