Trail Nurseries

Dover, Pennsylvania

Trail Nurseries

Dover, Pennsylvania

"Horizon Farm Credit really helped us get where we needed to be." -Kathy Miller

Trail Nurseries, located in York County, Pennsylvania, is a wholesale source for container gardens, vegetables, herbs, annuals, perennials, hanging baskets and more. Established in 2006 by family owners Mark and Karen Miller and Scott and Kathy Miller, the business’ mission statement is to be an efficient, high quality, sought-after plant producer for the Mid-Atlantic region.

New Adventure 

The venture began when the Millers acquired one acre of greenhouses. “The first year was a learning curve,” says owner Mark Miller. 

Over the next two years, Trail Nurseries increased their greenhouses and square footage, meeting demand by contracting with a local grower. Eventually, they purchased that grower’s Wellsville operation, doubling their sales.

In December 2011, fire destroyed the production facility. “Friends and family helped us salvage our poinsettias, moving them to our Wellsville location,” recalls Mark. “The fire was on a Saturday, and we shipped poinsettias to customers on Monday morning.”

Trailing Forward

Four years later, the family built modern greenhouses at the Dover production facility. Today, Trail Nurseries includes approximately four acres at three locations. 

According to Kathy, Horizon Farm Credit really helped them get where they needed to be. 

"I feel very fortunate because this is our passion," Kathy said, "We have this new awesome greenhouse operation helping us become more efficient, and produce more flowers and plants to provide to our customers. I think we're all very, very proud of what we've done here, and look forward to the future to be able to do more of this."

“As we’ve grown, Horizon Farm Credit’s lending and business consulting teams have provided invaluable services to us,” Mark says. “It’s more a partnership than a vendor relationship.”