Volleman Family Farm

Gustine, Texas

Volleman Family Farm

Gustine, Texas

From the fields of Luxembourg to the heart of Texas, Volleman Family Farms has been in the dairy industry for over 25 years.

The American Dream

Frank and Annette Volleman started their business on the family farm in Luxembourg, a small country in Europe. In 1993, after reading about the opportunities in Texas, they packed up their family and moved across the world to establish a dairy in America.

“We started looking across the ocean, and we came across Texas, and we found this location and a beautiful dairy just along the banks of the South Leon River,” Frank Volleman said. “We saw some great opportunities here, and that’s why we relocated to this part of Texas.”

Now, over 25 years later, the Volleman family lives the American dream and provides fresh milk to Texas families.

Cultivating a Legacy

When the Volleman’s four sons decided they all wanted to work on the family dairy, Frank decided it was time to create a strategic plan for the family business.

“We started looking at the marketing portion of our milk, and many retailers encouraged us to start bottling our milk in glass bottles,” Frank said.

With the encouragement of customers and retailers, the Volleman’s began bottling their milk in returnable glass bottles. Bottling their milk in glass bottles provides consumers with milk that tastes better and stays cooler longer.

By expanding their operation, they have ensured all four of their sons have a role on the farm. The oldest, Benjamin, manages the farm and grows the feed for the cows, David and his wife Anna manage the dairy and work hard to keep the cows healthy, Andrew and his wife Shelby run the creamery, and Daniel watches over the baby calves.

From Farm to Table

An essential part of the Volleman’s operation is creating quality milk with sustainability in mind. They are continuously looking to improve their farming practices to reduce the amount of erosion and runoff, decrease water usage and replenish the nutrients in the soil. By growing their feed with sustainable practices, they can trace back all the forages that go into making the milk that ends up on the consumer’s table.

Understanding Agriculture

The Volleman’s have been able to expand their operation with the help of their lender, Central Texas Farm Credit.

“When you make such a capital investment, you have to have a lender that does understand agriculture,” Frank said.  “Agriculture, as we all know, has its ups and downs, and Central Texas Central Texas Farm Credit really understands these ups and downs.”