Widget Farms 

Lyford, Texas 

Widget Farms 

Lyford, Texas 

Widget Farms is a fourth-generation family farm located in southern Texas. Together, Jarrett and Aly Lassig grow cotton, corn and grain sorghum.  

As a child, Jarrett learned the ways of farm life. “My dad wanted me to learn the aspects of everything, he wanted me to start a small farm of my own,” he said. 

He grew up helping his father and uncle on their family operation, and later applied that knowledge to his own operation.  

Jarrett’s hope is for his operation to be carried on for future generations, where he and Aly raise their children. 

A Growing Partnership 

As beginning farmers, the Lassigs struggled to grow their small operation. They needed a partner who understood their vision, and a lender who was willing to grow with them. 

In 2014, they partnered with Texas Farm Credit. “Texas Farm Credit has been really great working with us as we’ve grown,” Jarrett said. 

In addition to their row crop operation, the Lassigs also raise cattle, have a small herd of goats and enjoy fresh eggs from a flock of laying hens. 

Supporting Young and Beginning Farmers 

Since becoming Texas Farm Credit customers, the Lassigs have participated in educational programs to help grow their operation and develop their knowledge in the agriculture industry. This includes the Young Leaders Council, which provides enrichment opportunities for Texas Farm Credit’s YBS members. 

“Honestly, I didn’t know anything about farming loans or anything coming into it,” Aly said. 

Through their involvement in the program, the Lassigs have gained experience in farm management and met many other beginning producers in agriculture. 

“I would encourage anybody to take this opportunity to meet people and get to know people within Texas Farm Credit and outside of Texas Farm Credit,” Jarrett said.