September 12, 2019
MANRRS promotes careers for a modern agriculture industry
Fewer young people are aware of the multitude of careers and opportunities within the agricultural sector. That’s why Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS) strives to help students discover how agriculture, engineering and technology relate to the world around them.
August 19, 2019
Social Media Bridges the Gap
​“We are at a crossroads with the average age of farmers today, so the focus on young, beginning and small farmers is incredibly important,” Thompson said. “That’s what I appreciate about Farm Credit - they provide assistance to those who are just starting out or are the first person in their family to enter into agriculture.” ​
April 25, 2019
Wait, Eggs Aren't Dairy?
If your local grocery store shelved bananas next to bratwursts, would you assume that bananas were made from pork? How about if they sold pasta sauce next to salad dressing; would you start slathering marinara on your spinach? However absurd these assumptions may seem, participants in the Young Dairy Leadership Institute (YDLI) find the need for consumer education to be high. YDLI educates consumers about the dairy industry while also providing professional development opportunities for young dairy leaders.