Dennis and Sharon Blue

Danville, Pennsylvania

Dennis and Sharon Blue

Danville, Pennsylvania

When customers present unique situations, Farm Credit finds solutions. 

When Dennis and Sharon Blue’s son Matthew, and his wife Anna, decided to move back to the country from Danville, Pennsylvania, the family needed a lender that understood their unique situation. With two young children, Matthew and Anna wanted to live on the farm but weren’t ready to purchase the 101-acre property from Dennis and Sharon.

Exploring the options

“Restoring my father’s farmhouse for them wasn’t an option,” said Dennis. “It made the most sense to build a new house on the farm for Matthew and Anna. We heard about Horizon Farm Credit through a neighbor who had a farm and we had an excellent experience.”

“Our loan officer understood our problems and offered us solutions,” Sharon said.

“Since we owned the land for the new home, we financed the construction project, rather than Matthew and Anna,” explained Dennis.

Every step of the way

“During the construction process, our loan officer was a great communicator, frequently coming out to the house to keep us informed. She went out of her way to accommodate us,” said Sharon.

Once the project started, everything went smoothly Dennis recalled. “It was about a year, start to finish.”

In March 2017, Matthew, Anna, and their two children moved into their new home. “It was just in time to welcome a new baby this fall,” Dennis, the proud grandpa, noted.