Don James Farms

Hale County, Texas

Don James Farms

Hale County, Texas

Don James farms in the panhandle of Texas, in Hale County, and serves on the Plains Land Bank Board of Directors. 

Just like agriculture, Farm Credit has been a tradition in the James family. 

Humble beginnings
Don has been a Farm Credit customer since he graduated from college.  “My dad initially got me familiar with the old land bank,” he said. “They advised me on some moves when I was right out of college.” 

As Don remembers it, there was no question. If you wanted to get into agriculture, you called up Farm Credit and they would be there to help you get started. 

“As far as investment in farmland goes, the story that I got was, ‘when you get ready to do that, you just go down to the land bank and they would help you with it,’” he said. 

Not much has changed since Don got his first loan all those years ago. “Those were my beginnings and what was true that day is it's still true today,” he said. 

A partner to rely upon
Throughout the years, Don has been able to count on Farm Credit. While he may not have always required Farm Credit support, when he needed them most, Farm Credit was there to help. 

“Farm Credit is always there,” he said. They'll leave you alone when you don't need them, but when you have an opportunity for growth, they're always there.” 

Don especially appreciates Farm Credit’s commitment to local. As a cooperative, Farm Credit’s employees are also members of the communities they serve and are often farmers themselves. This common experience makes Farm Credit employees easy to work with.  

Reflecting on his years collaborating with Farm Credit, Don said, “It's a good experience, very enjoyable and it's helped us be successful.”