John Peterson

Poolville, Texas

John Peterson

Poolville, Texas

Following a successful career in professional golf, John Peterson turned his attention back to the land. In 2016, he purchased his farmland and credits AgTrust Farm Credit for helping fulfil his lifelong dreams of owning land he could farm.

His operation consists of 20 acres of hayfield, 20 acres of winter wheat and 30 acres of oak trees.

“I like to work with the trees, and I like to work with the land,” John said. “If I can make the land better on my own accord, I think it's going to be better for my kids in the future.”

Family Values

John credits his strong values for the outdoors to his grandfather, who taught him everything he knows.

“My granddad was Secretary of Wildlife and Fisheries in Louisiana. He taught me how to hunt, fish, shoot, and he loved the land,” he said. Watching his grandfather steward his farmland inspired John to farm as a young child.

Today, John enjoys passing down those same values to his children, who love the outdoors as much as he did.

Improving His Property

During the COVID-19 pandemic, John used his new-found free time to transform the property’s old pole barn into a barndominium.

“I started looking up on YouTube how to build a barndominium, and we ended up building about an 800 square foot barndominium right off YouTube,” he said.

Finding A Reliable Partner

John has enjoyed partnering with Farm Credit customer since he started working with AgTrust Farm Credit to finance his operation.

He said, “I'm really happy with [Farm Credit], especially with the money you get back, the low interest rates and the family feel that you get.”

He has a great relationship with his Loan Officer Lindsey, who he can contact at his convenience to ask questions concerning his loan.

“There's just too many pluses to go elsewhere,” he said.