The Lone Oak Farms

Hanford, California

The Lone Oak Farms

Hanford, California

Investing in a sustainable future 

After graduation, Alex te Velde turned his focus to expanding his family's dairy operation. During this expansion, they made a conscious decision to invest in climate-smart practices. They currently milk 7,000 cows on their 2,100–acre farm in the in California’s San Joaquin Valley.  

 Reducing carbon emissions 

“If we don't have healthy soil and healthy ground, we can't grow crops,” Alex said.  

This mindset motivated Alex and his family to shrink their carbon footprint by reducing fuel use and emissions. They added a methane digester to capture carbon emissions and switched their trucks from diesel to compressed natural gas to further reduce their emissions. 

“Instead of running three tractors and two loaders 10 hours a day, we're going to be able to run one tractor and one loader running seven hours a day,” said Alex.  

This will save the family farm around 70,000 gallons of diesel fuel a year. 

A longstanding partnership 

With help from Golden State Farm Credit, the te Velde family invested in a three megawatt solar energy project. This solar project completely offsets the normal utility costs of their dairy operation, increasing Lone Oak Farms’ competitiveness.  

The te Velde family values this partnership that has lasted generations.  

“My dad had a relationship with Golden State, and since I've kind of come into the farm, I've been able to see his relationship with Golden State, and I've been able to develop my own relationship with Golden State as well,” said Alex.  

He is confident that Farm Credit is a trusted partner and great resource. 

“Golden State Farm Credit is invested in my farm’s future.”