Miracle Farms Market

Bodcaw, Arkansas

Miracle Farms Market

Bodcaw, Arkansas

Jack and Sunny Daniels find unique ways to farm full-time and raise their family on Miracle Farms while sharing their dream with others. 

A Family Goal 

When Jack and Sunny Daniels married in 1999, the couple set a goal – to raise their family on a farm. 

Today they are living that dream with their six children. Yes, you read that right, six. Katherine, Emma, James, AJ, Charlotte and Maggie complete the large Daniels family. 

Jack grew up in Bodcaw, Arkansas on the 138-acre plot he still operates today. The farm first belonged to Jack’s grandpa, then his father, who christened it Miracle Farms because “God provides the miracles. We just do the work.” 

Expanded Operations and Seasonal Events 

In 2016, the family added a building where customers could easily shop, and thus Miracle Farms Market was born. 

Today, their market building is central to the farm's bustling activities. It carries beef, pork, eggs, milk and produce from Miracle Farms, as well as produce and locally crafted goods grown and made by other local farmers. 

During October, visitors drive past pine thickets and dirt roads as Miracle Farms Market becomes a hot-spot tourist destination for their Fall Family Fun Days. 

The seasonal event features mountains of multi-colored pumpkins, a challenging cover crop maze, hayride farm tours, a petting zoo, pony rides and much more. The market is also open to shop, allowing visitors to take home a supply of Miracle Farms’ grass-fed beef, Berkshire pork, pasture-raised chicken, raw jersey milk or other locally made goodies. 

A Commitment to Quality 

One could easily attribute Miracle Farms Market’s success to its operation’s uniqueness and willingness to adapt and change. 

“We’ve worked hard over the last 20 years to work toward a more sustainable type of agriculture. More regenerative, where we do not have as many external inputs into the farm,” Jack said. “We’re by no means experts on that, but we continue to learn every day.” 

Miracle Farms raises 100 head of Red Angus and South Poll cattle and 80 head of St. Croix/Katahdin cross hair sheep.  

“We’re proud that the animals on our farm go from birth to finish with nothing but grass, water, mineral, and sunshine,” Jack said. 

Raising the Next Generation 

While the beef might be Miracle Farms Market's most popular product from the farm, Jack says their children are the most important thing they are raising. 

Jack and Sunny say their future goals are to continue raising their family on the farm and to share the experience with others. 

“I hope to see the business continue to grow and to see more families visit, see where their food comes from, how their food is raised, and to experience country life,” Jack said. “That’s one of the biggest rewards for us.”