Rock House Farms

Fruithurst, Alabama

Rock House Farms

Fruithurst, Alabama

Caleb and Kara Skinner have found the consistency of Farm Credit keeps them coming back as customers. 

Community Interest 

What began as a small business in Fruithurst, Alabama, has grown into a retail farm store with shipments of farm-to-table meats going to homes all across the Southeastern United States. Caleb and Kara Skinner started Rock House Farms as a poultry operation and quickly expanded it to beef and pork to meet customer demands.  

“There was a lot of interest in our local community from other folks who wanted to buy meat, so from there, we decided to invest in a few more steer calves and a few more pigs,” Kara said. “And it just grew from there.” 

Social Strategy 

An entirely family-run operation, Caleb spends most of his time managing the operation alongside their older children while Kara executes their marketing plan on social media.  

“Caleb does the labor and manual labor and I work behind the scenes,” Kara said. I do all the computer work for social media and marketing on the website.”  

Caleb and Kara have found social media serves as one of their best tactics for connecting with consumers.  

“We use social media to market our products to a group of consumers that we would not otherwise cross paths with,” Caleb said. “Our generation has a unique opportunity to tell the story of our farms and ranches through social media, and we utilize it as much as we can.”  

A Reliable Lender 

Caleb and Kara attribute much of their success to their relationship with Alabama Farm Credit. 

“I think something that's important is Alabama Farm Credit are farmers, and they're here for your best interest because your best interest is their best interest,” Kara said.  

Caleb and Kara have found that the consistency of Farm Credit keeps them coming back as customers. 

“They're always willing to help, always readily available,” Caleb said. It's really nice to know that you can pick up the phone and call, and even if you miss them, they will call back by the end of the day.”  

As Caleb and Kara continue to grow their operation and family, they are excited for a growing relationship with Alabama Farm Credit.