Spinaca Farms

Morgan Hill, California

Spinaca Farms

Morgan Hill, California

Starting from Scratch 

A family produce operation based in Morgan Hill, California, Rick and Jeannette Andrade founded Spinaca Farms in 2001. Since then, the business has become a year-round supplier for national produce brands such as Earthbound Farm, Fresh Express, Taylor Farms and Classic Salads. In 2004, the couple brought on their son Zack. Today he leads the company as its president. 

“Growing crops is very satisfying because you have the gratification of starting from scratch and producing something that’s going to feed someone else,” said Zack Andrade. “When I had the opportunity to join the business after college, I jumped at the chance.” 

Driving Sustainability  

Growing fresh produce is a delicate and time-sensitive business. Perishable greens must be delivered to stores and then sold to consumers in a matter of days, or even hours. Much of the edible portion of these plants is thrown away before ever reaching a grocery store. 

With Zack leading the company, Spinaca Farms has launched a Root-to-Shoot program, which turns traditionally overlooked parts of produce into nutrient-rich powders, purees and juices. 

By exploring the wider market for food products, Zack and his team learned that health-conscious consumers were looking for easy ways to add vegetables to their diet. He had an idea that was later branded as BoomVeg Fresh Powders. Today, BoomVeg offers three flagship blends, each with a host of health benefits related to the primary ingredient, from betaine in beets to high levels of protein in barley. 

Storytelling in the Field 

Spinaca Farms has found some of its success in transparency and building a direct relationship with consumers. The company has gained followers and customers by engaging with new audiences online, especially on social media. 

“With so many platforms out there now, you have the ability as a farmer to get that message across and tell people what you’ve been doing all along,” Zack said. “You can advocate and let people know exactly what you’re doing, and that you’re using resources like water in a responsible manner.” 

A Bright Future in Farming 

More than two decades after his parents founded the business, Zack sees a bright future for Spinaca Farms. The company continues to grow as a fresh produce supplier, while also selling produce and shelf-stable products directly to consumers. 

American AgCredit has worked closely with Zack and the team at Spinaca Farms as the company expands into new product lines. 

“There’s an energy that comes with a customer like Spinaca Farms and someone like Zack who’s so forward thinking and takes a different approach to agriculture,” said Ryan Scarr, Vice President of Lending at American AgCredit. “Anytime someone is bringing new ideas that are going to positively impact the marketplace and bring the consumer the products they want … you want to help them grow their business in a sustainable way.” 

With a focus on transparency and using every edible portion of the plants they grow, Spinaca Farms has built a strong foundation and blueprint for the future. 

“My motivation is to be better every day,” said Zack. “Are we doing everything we can to be good stewards of the land? Are we maximizing the yield without extracting too much from the land, or asking for too much? It’s about listening to our customers to learn what they need and then also giving them what they never dreamed possible.” 

This article was originally published by American AgCredit