Triangle H/Hands Enterprises

Garden City, Kansas

Triangle H/Hands Enterprises

Garden City, Kansas

A New Generation in Cattle Feeding 

In the heart of beef country in southwest Kansas, a family-owned cattle feeding operation is paving the way for the next generation in agriculture. 

Triangle H/Hands Enterprises is a cattle feeding and cow-calf operation near Garden City, Kansas, led by managing partners Marisa Kleysteuber and her father, Sam Hands. Marisa represents the fifth generation in her family to farm and raise cattle in Kansas. 

Marisa and her father take care of the animals, while her cousin Tyler manages the farm operation. The farm also produces corn, alfalfa, sorghum, silage and soybeans, along with some wheat.  

“I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors. I enjoy cattle. I enjoy the people who are in the industry,” said Marisa. “It feels like everyone is a family. You can’t walk into a room and not know them.” 

Forging a Partnership in Agriculture 

Triangle H/Hands Enterprises has made investments over the years to strengthen the business. In doing so, Sam and Marisa have built a strong relationship with the team at American AgCredit

Marisa points to the team’s experience in agriculture as a key benefit of working with a Farm Credit lender. 

“Working with American AgCredit and them having knowledge of the agriculture industry, it makes you very comfortable to call them up and discuss any business dealings,” she said. “They understand our timeline. They understand what we’re doing and the work that’s going into it.” 

With a mission to serve rural communities and agriculture, American AgCredit gives back those rural communities through partnerships with local nonprofit organizations and food banks.  

“You really feel like you’re working with the hometown local bank,” said Marisa. “With that hometown feel, they truly know this part of the industry. It’s nice to see them involved and giving back to the community.” 

This article was originally published by American AgCredit